Species list of mites in the family Phytoseiidae in Japan

Download a csv file: Measurements of traits of Japanese phytoseiid mites

Subfamily Amblyseiinae (57sp) Subfamily Phytoseiinae (13sp) Subfamily Typhlodrominae (26sp)
 Genus Neoseiulus  Genus Phytoseius  Genus Chanteius
  Neoseiulus californicus (982KB)   Phytoseius hongkongensis (2.0MB)   Chanteius contiguus (1.7MB)
  Neoseiulus haimatsu   Phytoseius tenuiformis (1.8MB)  Genus Paraseiulus
  Neoseiulus koyamanus (825KB)   Phytoseius ikeharai (1.9MB)   Paraseiulus soleiger
  Neoseiulus yanoi   Phytoseius quercicola (1.9MB)  Genus Kuzinellus
  Neoseiulus bicaudus   Phytoseius blakistoni (2.0MB)   Kuzinellus yokogawae (733KB)
  Neoseiulus inabanus   Phytoseius intermedius (1.3MB)  Genus Typhlodromus
  Neoseiulus barkeri (466KB)   Phytoseius crinitus (2.1MB)   Typhlodromus bambusae (1.2MB)
  Neoseiulus harrowi (2.1MB)   Phytoseius kazusanus (1.6MB)   Typhlodromus algonquinensis (1.2MB)
  Neoseiulus makuwa (1.1MB)   Phytoseius kishii (1.7MB)   Typhlodromus ternatus
  Neoseiulus womersleyi (433KB)   Phytoseius campestris (1.6MB)   Typhlodromus transvaalensis (1.4MB)
  Neoseiulus longispinosus (1.2MB)   Phytoseius nipponicus (1.8MB)   Typhlodromus borealis (1.4MB)
  Neoseiulus hinoki (1.6MB)   Phytoseius capitatus (1.3MB)   Typhlodromus ryukyuensis (1.2MB)
  Neoseiulus repletus (1.4MB)   Phytoseius hawaiiensis (2.0MB)   Typhlodromus kishimotoi (1.7MB)
 Genus Okiseius   Typhlodromus yasumatsui
  Okiseius subtropicus (1.3MB)   Typhlodromus shibai
  Okiseius maritimus (1.4MB)   Typhlodromus kadonoi
 Genus Amblyseiulella   Typhlodromus serrulatus (1.5MB)
  Amblyseiulella amanoi (1.5MB)   Typhlodromus higoensis
  Amblyseiulella yaeyamana (2.6MB)   Typhlodromus vulgaris (1.5MB)
 Genus Paraphytoseius   Typhlodromus yamashitai
  Paraphytoseius cracentis (2.3MB)   Typhlodromus hirashimai
  Paraphytoseius orientalis (1.8MB)   Typhlodromus kiso
  Paraphytoseius urumanus (2.4MB)   Typhlodromus insularis (668KB)
 Genus Typhlodromips   Typhlodromus silvanus (1.4MB)
  Typhlodromips alpicola (1.4MB)   Typhlodromus miyarai
  Typhlodromips ishikawai   Typhlodromus pseudopyri
  Typhlodromips ochii   Typhlodromus moricola
  Typhlodromips ainu (1.4MB)   Typhlodromus armiger
  Typhlodromips sessor (1.3MB)  Genus Typhlodromina
  Typhlodromips paraki (1.6MB)   Typhlodromina conspicua (1.7MB)
  Typhlodromips neoparaki
 Genus Scapulaseius
  Scapulaseius cantonensis (1.5MB)
  Scapulaseius japonicus (1.2MB)
  Scapulaseius oguroi (1.3MB)
  Scapulaseius okinawanus (1.4MB)
 Genus Transeius
  Transeius morii
  Transeius fulvus (1.7MB)
 Genus Amblyseius
  Amblyseius obtuserellus (1.9MB)
  Amblyseius firmus (4.3MB)
  Amblyseius orientalis (1.7MB)
  Amblyseius andersoni (1.2MB)
  Amblyseius ishizuchiensis
  Amblyseius kaguya
  Amblyseius rademacheri (1.3MB)
  Amblyseius shiganus
  Amblyseius tsugawai (1.4MB)
  Amblyseius indocalammi
  Amblyseius neofirmus (1.7MB)
  Amblyseius tamatavensis (1.1MB)
  Amblyseius eharai (1.9MB)
  Amblyseius kokufuensis (1.5MB)
  Amblyseius ezoensis (1.2MB)
  Amblyseius marunumus
 Genus Proprioseiopsis
  Proprioseiopsis scurra
  Proprioseiopsis nemotoi (975KB)
  Proprioseopsis ovatus
 Genus Phytoscutus
  Phytoscutus japonicus (1.3MB)
 Genus Gynaeseius
  Gynaeseius liturivorus (1.2MB)
  Gynaeseius irregularis
 Genus Euseius
  Euseius finlandicus (1.3MB)
  Euseius sojaensis (1.5MB)
  Euseius ovalis (1.3MB)

Six species were recently reported

Subfamily Amblyseiinae Subfamily Phytoseiinae Subfamily Typhlodrominae
  Neoseiulus harrowi (2.1MB)(1)
  Neoseiulus longispinosus (1.2MB)(2)
  Proprioseopsis ovatus (2)
  Gynaeseius irregularis (2)
  Typhlodromips sessor (1.3MB) (3)
  Amblyseius andersoni (1.2MB) (4)
  Amblyseius marunumus (5)

(1) Amano et al (2011) Description of an unrecorded phytoseiid mite, Neoseiulus harrowi (Coller), from Japanese spinach greenhouses. Journal of the Acarological Society of Japan 20(2): 95-102

(2) Ohno et al (2012) Geographic distribution of phytoseiid mite text (Acari: Phytoseiidae) on crops in Okinawa, a subtropical area of Japan. Entomological Science 15: 115-120

(3) Toyoshima et al (2014) Occurrence of Typhlodromips sessor (De Leon) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) on mexican sunflower Tithonia rotundifolia (Miller) (Asteridae: Asteraceae) planted around a tea plantation in Japan. Journal of the Acarological Society of Japan 23(1): 29-33.

(4) Toyoshima et al (2016) Occurrence of Amblyseius andersoni (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) in deciduous fruit tree orchards in Japan. Journal of the Acarological Society of Japan 23 (1): 37-43.

(5) Negm & Gotoh (2020) A new species of Amblyseius Berlese (Acari: Phytoseiidae) from Japan. Biologia